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5 star


*It’s a 5 star hotel.

*STANDARD DELUXE ROOM : The “Standard Deluxe” rooms, which are located on the Main Building and Terrace Blocks, are 40 m² and 5 of them are designed to meet the needs of the disabled guests being at the ground floor. In a standard room, 3 people can accommodate.There are 182 standard deluxe rooms with sea view and 178 with forest view.

*TERRACE FAMILY : “Terrace Family” room with excessive comfort and a large area is 63 m² big. They are located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the terrace building. The terraces of the 36 Terrace Family rooms on the 1st floor with the garden view open to the garden, and using the stairs, it is possible directly to reach the lake pool from the 46 Terrace Family rooms located on the 2nd floor. Within this area, our guests have the opportunity to sunbathe around the pool at the sunbathing terrace. 2 sofas in the rooms are separated from the other part using a folding screen and 4 guests at maximum can accommodate.

*TERRACE FAMILY TRIPLEX : “Terrace Family Triplex” rooms are 115 m² and located at the 4th floor of the Terrace Home. At the entrance is a saloon and there are 3 bedrooms, 2 at the second floor and 1 at the 3rd floor, in total. In each bedroom; bathroom, WC, parallel phone and LCD TV are to be found. Our guests have the opportunity to go down to the pool direct from the “Terrace Family Triplex” rooms and sunbath around the pool. In this type of the rooms, 6 people can accommodate.23 “Terrace Family Triplex” rooms are present in the hotel.

*SENIOR SUITE : “Senior Suite” rooms are located in the Main Building and Terrace building.These 78 m² rooms consist of 1 bedroom and 1 living room which are separated from each other by means of a communicating door. In the hotel, there are 42 “Senior Suites” to be found, 32 of them with the forest view, 10 of them with the sea view.

*KING SUITE : The 420 m² King Suits, being on the top floor of the Main building and having the airview of the Mediterranean, are decorated with any luxury and magnificence deserving its name. At the entrance, there is tastefully furnished large saloon, which has an American bar, lunchroom, two bedroom and two bathrooms. The steam bath in the bathroom of the adult’s bedroom and the Jacuzzi positioned toward the Mediterranean view provides you with a distinct pleasure.What makes these rooms unique is that they have a private 40 m² swimming pool, chaise lounges and seating group on the 100 m² terrace and 24 hours continuous butler service.

*LOVE LAKE SUITE : It is private and located in the two-floor blocks – one for each floor – built on the Lake Pool. There are two large rooms in these 80 m² suits; one saloon and one bedroom with a bathroom having a Jacuzzi. The most privileged features of these suits are the opportunity to reach the pool directly from the terrace and sunbath there, and having their own terraces.

3 guests can comfortably accommodate in these suites, three sides of which is surrounded by the pools. There are 24 Love Lake Suits.

*In addition , if you want stay VIP Villa, hotel has it.


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