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Anytime you want: Meet with your Private Professional Licensed Guide at Kusadasi Port with your name sign and start the tour.

Our first stop is at the ruins of ancient city Priene. By the 8th century Priene was a member of the Ionian League. The League’s central shrine, the Panionion, lay within the city’s boundaries, making Priene an important holy city. Priene had a substantial Christian community during the Byzantine period and was the seat of a bishop. Four of Prienes bishops are known: Theosebius, present at the Council of Ephesus (431); Isidore, who was living in 451; Paul, present at the Council of Constantinople (692); and Demetrius (12th century). Prienes picturesque ruins include several columns of the Temple of Athena- the city’s main temple dedicated by Alexander the Great in 334, much of the city wall, a well-preserved Theater, the Council Chamber named Bouleuterion, the Stadium, the Gymnasium, the Agora and the Temple of Alexander the Great.

The second stop will be at Miletus, an ancient city located near the present Village Akköy at the mouth of the Buyuk Menderes River. Miletus owed its importance to its position on the trade routes. It was one of the largest cities in Anatolia with a population of between 80.000 and 100.000. Highly prosperous, it founded many colonies and was the home of the 6C BC philosophers Anaximander, Anaximenes and Thales, the town planner Hippodamus and architect Isidorus. Having a prominent position, Miletus became the most important port in this area and it was the most active member of the twelve cities of the Ionian Confederation. In the 7th century BC Lydians besieged the city. The city was then controlled in turn by the Persians, Roman and Seljuk Turks.

The third stop will be at Didyma. The world Didyma meant “twins” and it was associated by some as being the meeting place of Zeus and Leto to have their twins Apollo and Artemis. Didyma was famed as a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo, which served a similar purpose as the Delphi of Anatolia. It was not a city but a sanctuary linked to Miletus by Milesians with a 19 km/12 mi sacred road.

During the tour you’ll have free time for lunch on own expenses, en-route and based on time permit. Also, if there will be time for some souvenir hunting (your guide can help and give advice if wanted) before we return to the Port, on time for re-embarkation.


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